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June 16th

Frankie Fictitious Burlesque Dancer

Featuring Frankie Fictitious (San Francisco burlesque), Chola Magnolia (Austin burlesque), Confetti Eddie (Dallas magician), and Piper Daily (Houston burlesque)! The evening will be hosted by KiKi Maroon and The Burly Qutie Showgirls! 

July 14th

cosplay burlesque kiki maroon

When standup comedy and nerdy burlesque join forces… you get “KiKi Maroon’s Comic Strip”! Are you prepared to experience Pole Dancing Storm Troopers? Be seduced by Lord Voldemort? Cheer on Twerking Pokemon? Turn Adventure Time into sexy time? And watch Catwoman, Street Fighters, Master Shake, and all your favorites get the Vegas showgirl makeover?!

August 25th

Featuring Lola Lestrange (Austin burlesque), Kitty Martini (Dallas burlesque), Christine Laylon (Austin circus arts), and ms. YET (Houston bellydance)! The show will be hosted by KiKi Maroon and The Burly Qutie Showgirls! 

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KiKi Maroon Houston Burlesque Dancer

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