We're making waves in the burlesque world! Learn more about our show, the dancers, and our producer, KiKi Maroon. 


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Voyage Houston

" 'Making people forget their problems' has permeated our company’s culture and it’s what makes it so special. My team is constantly coming up with new ways to make the audience happy, whether it’s passing out candy or bringing birthday people on stage or even offering to take less pay to bring in a comedian they love." 

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The Leader

"I’d describe a Maroon’s shows as a mix of standup comic, circus act meets vaudevillian and, of course, burlesque. The talent is amazing and Maroon brings in acts from across the country for these smaller monthly shows, too." 

Houston Press burlesque show

Houston Press

"The beautiful burlesque girls have been traveling all over the U.S. and now the Houston's Vaudvillian Varie-TEASE show is back in Houston! "

Press Inquiries

If you have a press inquiry, please fill out this form, or email us at BurlyQ@KiKiMaroon.com We review every inquiry we receive and will do our best to reply in a timely manner. Thanks!

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Better yet, see us in person!

We love getting to meet everyone at the show! If you have any questions, our Assistant Producer, July St. Juniper, is always at our merch booth ready to help. 

Burly Q Lounge: Houston Burlesque Varie-Tease Show

813 Saint Emanuel St Houston Tx. 77003