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About KiKi Maroon's Burly Q Lounge


KiKi Maroon's Burly Q Lounge is classy, sexy, dirty, and funny. Let us transport you the naughty speakeasy your grandparents never told you about! This evening of burlesque, standup comedy, live music, and showgirls is hosted by the Incomparable KiKi Maroon. Every month’s show is new and different, featuring an entirely new lineup of local and touring performers, only at The House of Blues!

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KiKi Maroon is bringing the best burlesque from around the world to you! Every month's show features a brand new line-up. Check out our upcoming productions here!

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Wondering what The Burly Q Lounge is all about?! The Burlesque Varie-Tease Show is best experienced in person, but this is the next best thing! 

Every show features

And so much more! You never know what surprises we will bring you!

Previous shows have included circus acts from America's Got Talent, body painter from Skin Wars, Broadway singers, and so many more amazing treats!

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KiKi Maroon's Burly Q Lounge is a Burlesque Varie-TEASE Show! Every month's show is new and different, but each one is equally amazing! We feature local and touring bump-n-grind burlesque dancers, hilarious standup comics, death defying circus acts, and showgirls galore! Check out the up-coming show's line-up HERE.